About Us

Who are we?

In 1992, we founded leatherfrenzy to answer this particular question: is it possible to buy high-quality handmade leather without mortgaging your car, boring a hole in your pocket? Two decades ago, the answer to this question was not exact. Our mission, therefore, became to answer the question by providing fashionable, handcrafted leather bags at a cost-effective price up to 60% lesser than what obtains in a departmental store and on the high street. We started our online store in 2019 and have expert craftsmen located in strategic locations worldwide using top-quality materials and hardware to make each piece to very high standards.

Why are we different?

Whether you are aware of this fact or not, once you are at a particular stage in life, the things around you become a bit mature. You become busier with life, have hectic schedules, become more confident, sophisticated, and kinda have figured out your personal style. At this point, the bags and other accessories you wear matter. It Is only an amazing bag or accessory that can up your look.

There are leather handbags at various destinations; only a few offer the exquisitely handcrafted quality leatherfrenzy offers. Quality takes time and requires patience and precision. When you are always on the move, compromise becomes inevitable. To ensure you will always have top-quality leather bags to complement your beautiful lifestyle, we painstakingly craft all our leather products by hand, giving our customers only the best and at all times.

We are customer-centric

Each of our products is designed with our customers in mind and will be shipped directly to you. You can customize your designs to suit your preference, change dimensions, change colour, add a unique feature, or any other personalization. You will enjoy handcrafted excellence that will last a lifetime. This is because our natural cowhide leather product is built with materials of the very highest quality: brass hardware, robust YKK zippers, and high-quality linings.

Leatherfrenzy is your number one store for quality men and women accessories, leather pillowcase, sheep and goatskin rugs, pillow filled/ inserts, cowhide rugs, duffel bags, and anything leather related. We understand you; we know the products you love. All our products are top-quality and come with a warranty.